ReneLife Private Limited is a startup enterprise devoted to bringing in accelerated computing solutions in the life sciences domain. The goal of the company is to improve both accuracy and performance of solutions where large data is involved in analysis and solutions. The company is offering proprietary genome analysis technology that solves the most critical steps in the genome analysis pipeline by reducing errors, accelerating performance and reducing both recurring and non recurring costs and allied resources. The solutions could be of interest to basic research labs, genomics service providers and hospitals that use short DNA sequences for their tasks. The company can cater to forensics, agriculture, biotechnology and unexplored healthcare segments on a case-to-case basis to provide alternatives to large immunoassay sector and upcoming greenfield diagnostic sectors based on mass spectrometry. Other vertical industries that heavily rely on accurate biomolecular information, such as the military bio-chemical agent analysis, environmental quality assessment, and industrial processing sectors can also be serviced.